Some of the Major Health Benefits of Anandamide

Nature is full of amazement and so is our body. It is the center of many chemical reactions and releases, which happen inside or at many different points. Anandamide at  is one such substance. In this article, we will talk about some of its features in the treatment of many health issues.


It is a type of chemical substance, which is synthesized mainly in human body. Inside our body,  the main location of its synthesis is in the brain. Here it is formed in an area where many other body reactions and stimuli like pain, movement, feeling of joy, sorrow is regulated and created. The word ‘Anandamide‘ is composed of two words ‘Ananda ‘ and ‘Amide’.Ananda is a Sanskrit word, which means happiness. That is the reason this chemical substance is also known as ‘Bliss molecule’ or ‘Joy Molecule’. Below we have some of its uses in the treatment of many health problems.

Anxiety reduction

we all have some type of anxiety  but there are many people, who just can’t control it, in the way should be done. For all such people, it creates a lot of problems. Such people, going through anxiety, have many different worries all the time with them, some of them are with reasons and some are without reasons. They do not find any suitable means to go out of it. For all such people, Anandamide opens the new door of life where there is no worry or tension like this. It lets people feel and live their normal life once again.


We all humans separate ourselves from the other animals especially in terms of having a super brain and feel really very proud of it. Though it’s true to a great extent, many of the people just can’t use it just like others in many ways. Their memory does not work as it should work in general. They have a problem in learning, speaking, and doing even the simple task of general routine. For all such people, the secretion of anandamide in the brain matters a lot. With the improvement of this forming or with the consumption of this product externally, there is the great hope of improving their memory.


There are many women in the world who are not having their own child due to many reasons. One such reason is the regulation of the forming of Anandamide during the fixation of the embryo into the uterus. This process also gets affected by Anandamide production like Alpha GPC in the brain, is linked with it also yet there is no approved witness of it. Once it gets passed all its clinical tests, the women with no pregnancy fault can feel the happiness of giving birth to her own child and can feel the real experience of being a mother.

Just like these, there are many other good uses of it for human health.